Farm-out Forum

The Farm-out Forum has been kindly sponsored by:

Tuesday 28 June | 15.00 – 17.30
The Pilgrim Pub (247 Kennington Lane, LONDON SE11 5QU)


Asia Pacific 2022 kicks off with the Farm-out Forum where you’ll be able to listen to short, snappy presentations from a variety of companies showcasing their interests. Hosted at The Pilgrim Pub in a covered outdoor terrace, this informal event will be a great way to find out more about activities across the Asia Pacific region.

To start planning your afternoon on the 28 June, take a look at the running order of presentations and what each company will be speaking about below. This event will start promptly at 15:00 with each presentation lasting 10-minutes. We looking forward to seeing you there!


Geoscience Australia

Speaker: Tom Bernecker
Talk Title: Australia update: emerging energy projects, vacant acreage and precompetitive data

Theia Energy

Speaker: Jop van Hattum
Talk Title: Onshore Canning – Ordovician Source Rock Potential – the Great Sandy Desert Project

Mosman Oil & Gas

Speaker: Andrew Robert Carroll
Talk Title:
Helium, Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons in Australia


Speaker: Martin Riddle
Talk Title: Global Opportunities

RISC Advisory

Speaker: Nico Bianchi
Talk Title: Near (Giant) Fields Exploration, Offshore Peninsular Malaysia: Market Sounding for an upcoming farm-down process

SK earthon

Speaker: Chimok Jung
Talk Title: E&P Opportunities in SE Asia


Speaker: Andy Butler
Talk Title: Asia Pacific LNG Scale Gas Opportunity – The Chuditch Discovery, Timor-Leste

Timor Gap

Speaker: Mariano de Araujo
Talk Title: Offshore TL-SO-15-01 “Crocodile” PSC: Prospects and opportunities for Farm-in

Farm-out Forum Sponsor

Heritage Oil

Speaker: Richard Schroder
Talk Title: Multi-TCF Wet Gas Exploration Opportunities- close to existing and imminent LNG export infrastructure onshore PNG

Moyes & Co.

Speaker: Ian Cross
Talk Title: E&P Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region



This event is open to all registered delegates and will be followed by the official Ice-breaker Reception.




If you are interested in giving a 10-minute presentation at the Farm-out Forum to showcase your company’s interests, please contact to find out more and book a slot. Please note: there will be a charge of £250 + VAT to give a farm-out presentation. There is no additional cost for confirmed exhibitors.