Business Case for Attending

Review the full Asia Pacific Conference 2020 Programme and plan which sessions will be integral to your personal development.

The Asia Pacific Conference highlights the resurgence of E&P interest in Asia-Pacific with new ideas, new plays and new successes.

The tagline ‘Archipelago of Opportunity’ is intended to reflect the diversity of new and established petroleum systems and access opportunities close to the rapidly growing energy markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

This will again be a geoscience technical conference, that highlights successes and learnings, from the regional to reservoir scale, with numerous opportunities for discussion and networking. By its nature, the event attracts an international audience, including many of the key players in the Asia Pacific Region.

Please feel free to download this persuasive letter template to send to your management about why you should attend the Asia Pacific Conference. We would advise personalising you letter to include a few session you’d like to attend in the letter, and name-drop some speakers.

If you require a VISA invitation letter, please contact